Für Akkordeon (2002) for accordion solo
(FP: Krefeld, 2003) duration: 15min

for accordion solo

commissioned by Berliner Klangwerkstatt 2002

FP: May 2003, Krefeld, Janne Rättyä
BE: October 2003, Berlin, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Gerhard Scherer

‚Für Akkordeon’ belongs to the repertoire of Janne Rättyä Janne Rättyä and Christine Paté.

“The highlight … was Iris ter Schiphorst’s FOR ACCORDION. A high-pitched note at the beginning, emerging as if from nowhere, which is then refracted by a grotesquely bouncing bass… the accordion is allowed to shine in all its numerous colours. This multi-faceted work is characterised by dramatically pointed passages and surprising turns, such as a suddenly appearing waltz motif.”
(Westdeutsche Zeitung, 24 May 2004)

“A moving part of the concert was Gerhard Scherer’s interpretation of Iris ter Schiphorst’s solo piece for the accordion, a work which, in its deconstruction of expressive gestures, resembles an act of effacement …”
(Gisela Nauck, Deutschlandfunk/Musikjournal, 8 November 2004)

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