Make him talk! is based on piece no. VII from 'Le marteau sans maitre' (= 'après "l'artisanat furiuex") by Pierre Boulez. The instrumentation is the same as the original, but a sampler has been added, which is used to play Boulez' original language quotes throughout the piece. They are taken from a lengthy television interview that was broadcast on American television in the 1990s.
Pitches and intervals of Boulez's original music have been retained in principle. The tempi also correspond exactly to the original.
However, the temporal-rhythmic level has been completely redesigned by me with the aim of making the music 'verbal' - an intention that probably runs counter to that of Boulez.
In a somewhat exaggerated way I have tried to take up the content of the quotations and the characteristic style of Boulez's voice and to 'comment', 'ironize' or even 'counteract' it through the rhythmic-temporal arrangement of the music, i.e. by musical means. Live music and samples (=the voice of Boulez) thus form a dense 'network', or a kind of 'dialogue'.

"In the penultimate concert of the Boulez series, the Ensemble Phace presented "Le Marteau sans maître", one of the composer's major works. However, the ensemble, led by Simeon Pironkoff, was not content with a rendition, but commissioned eight composers to create miniatures that sounded between the nine parts of the "Marteau". ...
Completed in 1945, the work, in the absence of traditional references, seems "resolved" in the literal sense of the word and, in its self-sufficient order, almost ornamental. Some of the answers were ironic, such as "Make him talk!" by Iris ter Schiphorst, who let the master himself comment (self-)ironically on the evening by saying that one should let the music of past centuries rest.
By Lena Dražić, Wiener Zeitung, 15.6.2017


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