Press quotes:
"In this furious composition there are raging passages of the great trio around the violinist Jagdish Mistry, Eva Böcker on cello and Jürgen Kruse on piano and keyboard, samples at the edge of audibility and repetitive elements. And those that are reminiscent of dance music, but as if drunk on a chain carousel. Alternating with the music, Hoppe carries a kind of potpourri with passages from four novels and stories right through her work, from 1996 to her latest novel Pravda. An American journey. “
Op-online, 06.06.18 03:00

"The music was also collage-like, so that a coffee house atmosphere blew through the hall ... or even the mood of a spa orchestra. She (F. Hoppe), for example, wants to spend her life with the director of the Kurpark Orchestra from now on. In this respect, it fitted together, while Hoppe's praise of the only tone that could really be relied upon (she meant the a, I think) was followed by particularly unreliable tones. Ter Schiphorst did not provide background music, but music that reacted to Hoppe's words in a lively, sometimes chatty way. She also let herself be drawn into ghostly situations with her own accents....You never lose sight of how cunningly this author proceeds, and here too the music was in no way inferior to her.”
Fankfurter Rundschau, Judith von Sternburg, 6.1.2019

„Stormy applause for all.“
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 6.6.2018

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